Standard price:EUR 0,10 per word
Overwritable word-files:EUR 0,60 per line (*)
Fax documents, scanned documents, pdf-files, printed letters etc.: EUR 0,65 per line (*)
Handwritten and difficult readable documents: EUR 0,70 per line (*)
Proofreadings, creation of terminologies, processing of complicated data formats (just like Power Point): EUR 25,00 per man hour

Minimal price: EUR 10,00 (In case of permanent incoming orders it could be possible to cancel the minimum price of course.)

(*) A line is defined with 55 letters (including spaces) and corresponds about 7 words.

The calculation is based on the translated text. The length of the text could differ by 20% to the source text.

The named prices are net prices. In Germany a VAT-rate of 19% is apply. In foreign countries you are responsible to pay the adequate VAT-rates yourself.

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